There are not many things that you can change in the human body as easily as hair colour. In fact, people associate different types of hair to different genders. Normally, men have short hair while women have long hair.

Even though hair colouring is associated primarily to women, however, these days males also colour their hair. There is quite a big hair colouring market in Nepal. Here are the most popular 7 Hair Coloring Brands in Nepal.


Garnier is a French company established in 1904. They started with the first herbal hair lotion. The company states that they are focused on bringing the best within persons using their product. For that, they build products using natural products. They have more than a dozen of hair colouring products in Nepali market, choose the one that fits you.

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 L’Oreal Paris

Like the name suggests, this is also a French Brand, which is available in more than 120 countries including Nepal. L’Oreal’s mission is to bring out excellence in beauty to their costumers. Their products are for both genders and besides hair colouring products they also have other beauty products.


Reizvoll is a German word that means appealing beauty. In fact, they produce their products in Europe. Their hair colouring products are easily available in Nepal. You can try their hair colouring products to look great.

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This is an Indian Company. This also means they are easily available in Nepal for geographical proximity. They were established more than a century ago. Godrej has so many different products from household appliances to food and grocery, furniture to locks. They have a strong presence in the hair colouring market in other countries besides Nepal.

Godrej Hair Coloring


Streax is a quite old company. They are in the market for more than five years. Streax claims that they manufacture their products using modern technology while paying attention to Ayurvedic science. You can find Streak hair colouring products easily in the Nepali market.

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Vasmol is another hair colouring brand easily available in Nepal. The most important thing to know about Vasmol is that they do not use Ammonia or Peroxide in their products. Furthermore, their product uses oil so they do not need mixing.

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This is another hair colouring brand you can easily find in Nepal. Their product is very easy to use. Simply, open the sachet, wear provided gloves and apply this product just like a shampoo. Wait for 5 minutes and wash.

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Thank you for reading this far. If you think that we need to add other brands, comment below.



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