Film Makers Fight To Get Anmol K.C in Their Movies

Photo of Anmol KC

Anmol K.C is very much in demand. His movies are doing very well in the box office. As you know that the show business relies on star power. Anmol K.C has that power. Film making is a risky business. Hence, producers want to mitigate the risk by hiring stars.

Here is the latest movie by Anmol KC on Youtube.

As per recent news, Anmol K.C won’t be working for Samten Bhutiya’s film “Dhupaure”. This has ignited the race to sign Anmol K.C. Producer Madhav Wagle wants to enrol Anmol in his movie “Paras”.

Similarly, Director Hemraj BC wants Anmol to work on his projects. Anmol and Hemraj have worked together in successful movies like Jerry and Hostel.

But, Anmol is busy these days on his new film project- “Anti-Hero.”

Utsav 360 hopes all the best for Anmol KC in all of his projects.


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