Top 7 Mixers brands in Nepal

Image of a mixer

The kitchen today is different than the one 10 years ago. More and more kitchen appliances have entered the kitchen because people are preparing different types of food. This requires different types of equipment. The mixer is one such product. Mixers make stirring, whisking or beating easy.

There are different brands of mixers you can find in the Nepali market. Here is our list of most popular mixer brands in Nepal.


Philips is one of the biggest brands in the world. They are based in the Netherlands and employ more than 100,000 people. Phillips products are sold in more than 100 countries. True to brand image this is one of the best grinders you can buy in Nepali Market.

Phillips Grinder and Mixer


Baltra is a comparatively new brand. The company was formed in 1994. They produce various kitchen appliances. Baltra Mixer is one of them. They are certified by various quality certification institutions such as ISO 9001:2008 by UL of U.S.A. & C.E. This is another brand that you can easily find in the Nepali Market.

Baltra Mixer


You can find Yasuda brand products in the Nepali market easily. Yasuda as a brand is very new. It was established in 2005. They claim themselves as a home appliance brand that is affordable. Besides mixers, they also make TV, Refrigerators, Heaters, Fans and light bulbs.

Yasuda Mixers


The Crompton brand is in the market for more than a century. They produce varieties of consumer products. You can find Crompton fans, lamps, geysers, and pumps. You must have probably seen Crompton pumps. I have seen some very good reviews of Crompton mixers and grinders.

Crompton Mixers


This is another brand that really does not require an introduction. Panasonic is a Japanese brand. This company was set 100 years ago in Osaka Japan. They have an extensive list of products including laptops, computers, televisions, projectors etc. True to its brand, Panasonic mixers are great. They are easily available in the Nepali market.

Panasonic Mixers


This is another brand of mixers found easily in the Nepali market. They basically, import, assemble and distribute home electronic appliances. Theirs is a 140 strong dealer distribution in Nepal. Distar has been in the market since 2003.

Distar Mixers


This is another brand that you can easily find in the Nepali market. Electron International Private Limited markets Electron Home appliances in Nepal. They market more than a dozen appliances under this brand. The Electron mixer is one of them.

Electron Mixer

Thank you for reading this far. If you think, I need to add other brands. Let me know by commenting below.


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