Every nation has its own signature dish. People are very mobile these days. This has produced various mixes in the cuisines worldwide. But then tastes and preferences are hard wired in the brain. Babies get to taste what their mother is eating and develop taste buds on those lines.

Daal Bhat Tarkari

This combination of boiled rice, cooked lentils, and fried vegetables has proved again and again in Nepali kitchen. This is the staple food of the Nepalis. The variety of this food more or less depends on the spiced curry. Hence the crown of the best Nepali food goes to Daal Bhat Tarkari.


There are a limited variety of foods that are prepared in my house kitchen. After Daal Bhat Tarkari, I eat Momos. Momos are like Chinese dumplings but with a thinner crust and meat in between. Based on different types of fillings and type of preparation there are different types of momos. the most popular and my best momos are steamed buff momos.

Image of momo
Here are the incredible momos.


I am including Dheedo not because it is my favorite food. Dheedo, you see, is a type of maize or buckwheat flour pudding prepared by continuously stirring flour in boiling water. This used to be served as a replacement of boiled rice in our original Daal, Bhat, Tarkari combination. However, dheedo is original Nepali dish.

Juju Dhau

I am a curd lover. I really enjoy curd with beaten rice. Dhau means curd. Juju Dhau is a special type of curd prepared mainly in Bhaktapur. The curd behaves like soft solid and very very tasty.

Beaten Rice

I realised that I should not let Juju Dhau standing alone. Beaten rice is a very nice combination with Juju Dhau. What is more? Beaten rice is eaten as the snacks in the afternoon. It can be paired with meat, curry or curd itself.

Image of Beaten Rice
Any body, feeling hungry?

These are the best Nepali foods. If you are unhappy with the list, vent out your opinion by commenting below.


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