Trekking in Nepal is much more affordable, than you think. One U.S dollar is more than Nrs.100. So, you can easily figure out how expensive or affordable Nepal is.

If you love trekking but short of cash, do not worry. Here are some of the budget treks you can choose.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

This trek can be finished in as little as a week. The sceneries that you get to enjoy of course provides you biggest bang on your buck.

Image from Annapurna
Trek to this place!

Everest Base Camp Trek

You might have different ideas about the affordability of Everest, but the truth is you can go on this trek on budget.

Image of Everest
Everest Calling

Kathmandu Valley Trek

Kathmandu Valley is the capital of Nepal. It is also culturally very rich and has a long history. There are seven UNESCO heritage sites in the valley itself. Nepalis are very peaceful and welcoming. You can just explore the city, or go to places like Nagarkot or Shivapuri.

Mustang Trek

This trek should be easy and affordable. Mustang has a rich Buddhist culture. You will get a chance to visit some of the oldest Buddhist Monasteries and caves.

It is up to you to choose the trek. However, trekking in off season is cheaper.


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