Bungy Jump In Nepal

Do you think of the tourism year 2020, If your thinking of something adventurous? Let’s have Bungy jump.

Bungy jump involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cord. The tall structure accordingly a fixed object such as bridge, crane, building. And also from where the jump is possible through the ability to hover above the ground. When the person jumps from the structure, the cord stretch, state of free fall and the elastic cord gain recoil and oscillation produced and person lifted up and down.

Here is a glimpse of Bungy Jumping in Nepal.

Some Clip of Bungy

Bungy is bravery adventure, before going to Bungy, many things should be in a condition such as pressure, mentality, healthy heart, and thinking of something adventurous. And feel the thrill, enjoy, scare from the bottom of the heart. Some places wherefrom Bungy perform from Nepal.

Bungy from Bhotekoshi Height.

Bungy from Bhotekoshi

Bungy from Pokhara Height

Bungy from Pokhara

Bungy from The Last Resort

The Last Resort

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