Panipuri is a common street snack especially found in several regions of India and Nepal. Panipuri is known by different names in different parts of Nepal, like gol gappa and phucka.

As the name suggests, Panipuri consists of a round and crispy puri filled with seasoned, smashed potato pudding inside the puri. The puri is dipped in flavored water (Imli, lemon, and seasonings ). It has a tangy, sour and spicy taste.

Spicy Panipuri
Spicy Panipuri

In recent years, Panipuri has become one of the best street food in Nepal and is loved by almost every youth. There are no corners in Nepal where this snack cannot be found.

Panipuri can be prepared at home also. As its recipe is too simple and easy to make. You must once try this mouth-watering delicious Panipuri at home. Also, you can prepare panipuri in your own way by adding your favorite ingredients.

Check out this video to know the recipe for delicious Panipuri.

Panipuri Recipe

After watching the tips and steps in the above video I hope you will be able to prepare ‘Panipuri’ at your own home. Guys, you should try it once, and I bet you that one plate will not anywhere near enough. 

Make a plan with your friends and prepare a Panipuri at home and make a challenge with your friends.


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