8 May Kathmandu. Bird flu has recently resurfaced in Nepal. The first death has also happened already, so people are fearing bird flu. Due to this fear, it has harmed the poultry farmers.

However, the question is – do you get bird flu by eating (infected) chicken?

Bird flu is a disease that spreads from birds to humans. Birds like crows and chicken are affected by the bird flu virus. Bird flu can spread from chickens to humans via chicken, their manure, feathers, body fluids, eggs and even egg cartons that are used to keep the eggs.

Many people think if you eat eggs or chicken that harbor bird flu virus, the virus gets transmitted. However, this is not true, what is true is that people who come to contact with the raw chicken, eggs or bird’s bodily fluid have greater chances of getting this disease.

The virus named-H5A1- gets destroyed at 70 degrees temperature. So properly cooked chicken is quite safe. However, for precautions, you should not eat chicken meat from dead or chicken that show signs of infection.

Do not, I repeat, do not eat raw eggs though.


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