Father’s day is celebrated on different days in different countries. In Nepal, it is celebrated on Bhadra Krishna Ausi. Ausi is no moon day.

Father’s day is also called Gokarne Ausi or Pitri Tirpani Ausi or Kuse Ausi. This day holds a special significance in every Nepali’s life.

We exist because of our parents. The following Sanskrit hymn captures the essence of our existence.

मातृ देवो भव ।
पितृ देवो भव ।।
गुरू देवो भव ।।।

The hymn is saying father, mother and teachers are gods, which shows the importance of a father, a mother and teachers in an individual’s life.

We exist because of our fathers and mothers and we should be grateful for it. Nepali culture celebrates mother’s day, teacher’s day and father’s day.

Father’s day is the day to show your love and respect to your father.

We know that love is immaterial, and it cannot be compared with material things. However, you can take help from material things to show how much you love someone.

The material means that points to immaterial love.

Gift Ideas

Here are some father’s day gift ideas:

  • Chocolates
  • Sweets
  • Smart Phone
  • Clothing items including Ties, Caps
  • Dinner at a good restaurant
  • Shoes
  • Ceramic mugs
  • Framed artwork
  • Watch
  • Laptop
  • Camera
  • Wallet
  • Safety razor
  • Musical instruments
  • Headphones
  • Drones
  • Books

A father is the source of inspiration, he deserves our love, respect and honour. Our fathers have gone through lots of struggles, worked long hours, gone through lots of pain so that we could get a good life.

We might not realize the sacrifices our father made until we become parents ourselves.

We are our father’s dream. In order to nurture that dream, he has taken care of us immediately after birth – when we were just a mass of flesh with no consciousness whatsoever.

An unbreakable bond – Father-Son or Father-Daughter Relationship.

Somewhere in our father’s dream lies a hope that at an old age, we will help him survive just like he did when we were young.

Times have changed, and we have become busier. The warmth of a father-son or father-daughter relationship is nowhere near what it used to be in the past.

Many Nepalis are no longer in the nation. Some are toiling hard in the Arabian deserts. Others are adjusting to life in developed foreign nations.

In such a condition, we need to ask ourselves, are we fulfilling our duty to our parents – both father and mother?

We must understand that our father’s life is hard in old age homes or at home – alone.

This father’s day, let us take some time and reflect on what our fathers’ have done for the betterment of our lives and how we can give back to them.

Finally happy father’s day!

Enjoy this father’s day with our video.

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