Lamjung district, located at Western Nepal, is spreading from the hilly area to the Northern Himalayas and renowned due to its historic, religious and cultural significance till date.

Lamjung is a district of bravery courage and strength. It is the birthplace Shah Dynasty in 1663 A.D.There are three major places to visit in Lamjung, “Ghale Gau”, “Bhujung” and “Ghanpokhara”.

These places are founded about 700 years ago and included as Annapurna Conservation Area. They offer views of beautiful mountain peaks like Machaphuchere, Annapurna, Himchuli, Manaslu.

You can visit SAARC village Tourism museum was established to pottery spectacular spectrum of Gurung culture containing ancient statues, costumes, tools, and weapons.

It is also renowned for its dance and honey hunting. They offer their three major dance numbers, “Ghatu Dance” “Sherga Dance” and “Krishna Charitra Dance”.

Watch this video for more of Lamjung, Bhunjung, Ghanpokahara, and Ghalegaun.

It offers its interesting history, amazing sceneries of mountains, playful culture and cheerful attitude of its people, you must visit Lamjung.

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