Annapurna Region is considered one of the best and popular trekking destinations. It lies in the north western part of Nepal. The Nagi Narchyang trekking is newly explored trekking in the Annapurna region. The Nagi village lies at an altitude of 2300m above sea level in Myagdi district in the Dhaulagiri Zone.

Narchyang Trekking
Narchyang Trekking

One of the famous temple named Galeshwor Mahadev lies there which is the main attraction of that region. As there are also many places which attracts many peoples. The mountains, rivers, waterfall, temples, beautiful villages, high passes and rugged landscape of that region also attracts most of the peoples.

Narchyang's Waterfall
Narchyang‘s Waterfall

You can watch the full documentary video down below and can know more about Narchyang.

Narchyang Documentary

The region is also rich in terms of unique culture, tradition, life-style of ethnical peoples. Mostly there are Magar people settlement and the region is famous for orange harvest.

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