‘Manang’ the magical valley has been one of the preference destinations among the trekkers who are travelling Nepal. Manang village trek will take you along the gorgeous lower valley full of life and massive scenery to the desert like barren upper plateau, beautiful nonetheless. 

Beautiful view of Manang

The trek to Manang valley will provide you with gorgeous view of mountains that will extent you off your feet. The cultural aspects of the Himalayan region, the popular Milirepa cave situated only a day’s walk from Manang village and to the highest freshwater lake in the world.

Watch out the video below to know more about Manang trekking.

Watch out the video of Manang trekking

Manang ‘Nar Phu valley’ trek is a combination of culture witnessing the lifestyle here undisturbed and unchallenged by the modernized world. Your beautiful soul can be linked with the beautiful landscape and mesmerizing views of snow-capped mountains surrounding you. 

Nar Phu Valley trek in Manang

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