Newars are famous for making delicious foods. There are many types of dishes made by Newari people and Khaja set is one of them. Khaja set is a traditional food of the Newari Community that is served to the guests during festivals and feasts.

This exquisite and delicious set dishes are presented in a single plate consisting of beaten rice in the middle and all veggies, eggs, and meat encircling them with local wine and chyang.

Newari Special Khaja Sets
Newari Special Khaja Sets

Newari Khaja sets include Alu tama, Chatamari, Gundruk, Egg bara, Juju dhau, Haku Choila and many more. It looks traditional and is very delicious.

Watch the below video to know the recipe of Newari khaja sets.

Newari Khaja Set

After watching this video you will be able to prepare a ‘Newari Khaja Sets’ at your home. As it is famous among the Newari Society and nowadays it is served in restaurants also.

Try Newari Khaja sets once in your lifetime and ask your Newari friends to invite you to their festivals.


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