Do you check your keys over and over in fear of losing them? Do you wash your hands repeatedly because you fear germs?

If you have one of the above behaviors or something close to the behaviors mentioned above, you may have OCD.

What is OCD?

First, let’s know what Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is?

Well, this disorder compels a person to initiate a specific behavior repeatedly.

An individual suffering from this disorder tends to do certain activities for short-term pleasure. However, if they don’t get to do so, they will feel severe anxiety.

Unlike others, the causes of this disorder are different. One can have this disorder due to genetics and their childhood when they repeated certain activities religiously.

What behaviors do people with OCD have?

Behavior of OCD patients
What behaviors does a OCD patient have?

People with OCD have common obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors. However, many symptoms fall under those categories. Some of them are fearful of germs, obsessive need to clean and fear of losing control.

How can you get rid of OCD?

OCD is a mental anxiety disorder. One way you can eliminate OCD is by challenging the obsessive thoughts and behavior. Several treatment methods can help you resist and eliminate the obsessions.

Methods to treat OCD
Treatment for OCD patients

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

A proven treatment method for OCD is Cognitive/ Behavioral Therapy. Unlike others, this therapy includes focusing on solutions, encouragement, and motivation.

For example, if you need to wash your hands repeatedly in fear of germs, you might be asked to touch something you are not entirely sure about like a door handle. Then you will be prevented from washing your hands. As you fight the urge to wash hands, it will eventually fade away.

This method focuses on controlling obsessive thoughts and behavior.


Medications such as antidepressants are also available depending on your age. However, no treatments and medications work effectively unless you give your best efforts.

So, make new lifestyle changes and surround yourself with positive-minded people.

Group Therapy

You can also interact with people who also suffer from OCD. Group interactions will provide you with encouragement and motivation to control OCD behaviors.


If you have OCD, you can consult with a doctor and start available treatments like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Group Therapies, and Medications.

OCD can't be cured overnight.

It’s HIGHLY IMPORTANT to note that OCD CAN’T be cured overnight. The healing process can take years as well.

Switch to new healthy habits and take control of your OCD. When your brain is trained to do something new, you will eventually start forgetting what you were used to doing.

Don’t worry if you are an OCD patient. It is a fairly common disorder. If you follow the treatments plans, you can control or even eliminate OCD. Was our article helpful?


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