Meditation and workout may seem like two different things. One requires focus and stillness whereas the other one is an intense body exercise. In this article, we establish not only the link between meditation and workout but whether to meditate before or after workout?

However, research suggests combining exercise and meditation has extreme potential. Apart from boosting mood, this practice can even help you to reduce clinical depression by a surprising 40 per cent.

Meditation and Workout

Let’s find how you can manage these two different disciplines in your schedule.

Meditation as a support

Meditation can promote your work-out session by stretching your muscles through focus. For this, you need to meditate right before you exercise.

Meditation supports Exercise

Meditation as a motivator

By meditating you will motivate yourself to push through painful exercise. Scientific evidence suggests that mindfulness meditation eases the pain more effectively than morphine.

Meditation motivates you to workout

Meditation to prevent injury

Doing pre-workout meditation can prevent injury as well. You will be more aware of your internal body. This should help you in assessing the condition of your body organs.

Meditation after exercise

However, meditation after the workout is also not a bad choice. Post-work meditation can lower the level of body-stress and cortisol hormone released during work-out.

Meditation prevents injury

After a workout session, your body may be in pain due to the stretching and lifting. Post-work meditation will recover your body pain, inflammation, and physical stress.

Post-work meditation session should be done as soon as you finish work-out. This even works as a body-calming method. Do it daily for better results.


You can use meditation to manage your workout sessions because meditation:

  • Supports workout by helping you focus on muscles
  • Boosts your energy just before a workout
  • Works as a source of motivation for a workout
  • Prevents the chances of injury
  • When done after work out helps to reduce pain in muscles.

You can meditate before your workout session or after your workout session. This will help you to make your workout session effective.

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