Climbing Everest is a risky choice and it is expensive too. Well, for us Nepalese at least. To get an Everest climbing permit, you need at least 8,465 Pounds or $11,000. But that is just to get the permit.

There are other costs involved. Most of the Everest climbers spend somewhere in between 27,000 Pounds ($35,000) to 46,169 Pounds ($60,000). Some climbers spend more than 77,000 pounds ($100,000).


You cannot just climb mountains you will need training and the cost of training is between 3,075 to 4,617 Pounds or $4,000 to $6,000.

Sherpa Guides

You will need at least one Sherpa guide and their rate is 3,850 Pounds or 5,000 dollars.

Image of everest
The road to Everest


You need special gears for your conquest such as gloves, boots, gloves, down suit, sleeping bags, etc. The cost for all these will need about 5,400 Pounds or about 7000 dollars.


You need at least six oxygen bottles that come at a cost of 460 Pounds or 600 dollars. You will still need an oxygen mask and regulator which cost extra.

Base camp expenses

Your logistics need to be transported either by porters or yaks. These expenses may go as high as 3,100 Pounds or $4,000 dollars.

You need plenty of these to climb Everest

There are other fees also such medical support fee, tips and maintenance fees for campsites.


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