Ever wondered why one of your one breast bigger than the other? Did that ever scare you? Did you even research only to find out you probably have a severe disease? So, let’s explore if it is normal to have one breast bigger than the other? or to have Breast Asymmetry?

Is It Normal to Have Breast Asymmetry?

Breast Asymmetry is when there is a difference between the breasts’ size, volume, and poison.
Don’t worry just yet! Let’s start by saying that it is completely normal for you to have unevenly sized breasts.

Is it normal to have breast asymmetry? 
Having unevenly sized breasts is completely normal.
Very few number of women in the world have perfectly symmetrical breasts.

In fact, there are very few people who have symmetrically sized breasts. The size of your breasts even fluctuates with your menstrual cycle, ovulation, and age.
During ovulation, your breasts are fuller than usual and are more sensitive.

What Causes Your Breasts To Be Uneven?

One of the causes of uneven breasts is fetal anatomical development during pregnancy. But, it can also be due to the different volumes of tissues in your breasts.

What causes your breasts to be uneven? 
Anatomical fetal development
Hormonal changes during puberty 
elasticity of the skin
Causes of uneven breasts

Other causes are the elasticity of the skin or breastfeeding your baby more on one of your breasts.
Hormonal changes during puberty can also bring a difference in the size of your breasts.
Genetics also plays a role in the asymmetry of your breasts. However, the increase or decrease in your weight also affects the size of your breasts.
Meanwhile, many parts of our body are asymmetrical, such as the sides of our face and hands. It would be weird if every part of your body were symmetrical.

However, it is not normal if your breast size changes all of a sudden. If you witness an instant change, immediately consult your doctor.

Does Uneven Breasts Mean Cancer?

Does uneven breasts mean cancer? 
Studies from 2015 showed that over 20% change in breasts size can be a potential warning of breast cancer.
Sudden change in the size of the breasts can be a signal of a health hazard.

It is usual for your breasts to be uneven, but sudden changes can be scary. So, you need to have mammograms regularly to identify if there’s anything wrong. However, studies from 2015 showed that over 20% change in breasts size could be a potential warning of breast cancer. So, if you notice the following sudden changes in your breasts such as the following:

  • Lumps around the breast
  • Lumps under the arm
  • Change in the shape of the breast
  • Changes in the shape of the nipple
  • Discharge from nipple
  • Irritating skin around the breast
  • Uneven skin texture around the breast
Is it normal to have one breast bigger than the other?
It is completely normal for breasts to be of uneven sizes.


What did you learn so far? Let’s take a small recap!
Change in one breast bigger than the other, but it is normal to have asymmetrical breasts.
Uneven breasts can cause due to the menstrual cycle, puberty, ovulation, genetics, and hormonal changes.
However, unusual and painful changes in the breasts can be a signal of breast cancer. So, you need to consult your doctor!

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  1. One of my breast is bigger than the other one, the right breast is big while the left breast is very small. It’s has been like that for almost 6 years and am 18 years old now. I usually put on forms on the left breast to make both of them equal.
    Pls I need help 😭😭😭


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