Beautiful Asian woman using smartphone buying online shopping by credit card while wear sweater sitting on desk in living room at home. Lifestyle woman at home concept.

With the growing technology in a busy world, people love to relax and surf online. Every day it is becoming more convenient to order anything online from the comfort of our own home. Even in Nepal, there are a lot of online shopping sites. So, let’s view some of them right now.

1. is one of the most loved and popular online shopping sites in our country. Daraz was initially known as and later the name was sold to Daraz. What makes Daraz stand out from the rest, is because they have an enormous variety of products and they have good service regarding the delivery.


Initially, an online store for books at an affordable price, this site grew to have more and more variety of goods. They now have men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, groceries, skincare products and more.


Hamrobazar is an incredible and convenient website where you can buy and sell second-hand or even some brand new goods. It is a free and safe website for hunting down second-hand products.


Smartdoko is a new online shopping venture which has a great variety of products at an affordable price.


Socheko is another easy and reliable website for online shopping. This site has more than 10,000 products with 500 different categories.


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