Every year, around 700 climbers and guides spend their two months in Everest region getting ready to climb the world’s highest peak. These people leave huge amounts of feces, urine and other wastes in the slopes of Everest.

Image of Everest camp
The Everest Camp

At the base camp, there are drums, surrounded by tents, and these drums act as human waste collectors. When these drums are filled they are brought down for proper disposal.

However, there are other four camps above base camp that have emergency equipments but no toilet. So the humans simply dig holes, answer the nature’s call and then leave. This waste is piling there for years.

Image of Everest
Everest is getting polluted

Nepal Government is aware of the pollution on Everest, so they are imposing all climbers to bring down at least 8 kilos of waste down to the base camp. People violating this rule will be losing $4000.


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