You must have heard about the place called Mustang and the stories associated with it. But, have you ever thought of knowing the truth? If so, you are welcome to take a trek to Mustang.


Mustang used to be a Kingdom. It was a part of the Tibetan empire and had another name – Lo. Mustang is associated with various myths and legends.

The last king of Mustang still has his home in Lo Manthang -a place inside Mustang.

Mustang used to be a forbidden land for outsiders until 1992. This isolation led to the preservation of lifestyle and culture.

Where exactly is Mustang?

Mustang is located in the Himalayan rain shadow. This means you can trek to Mustang even in Monsoon Season.

There are few accommodation facilities in this reason, hence the trekking group must be self sufficient. You might think of hiring mules for carrying out your stuff.

You need at least nine days to trek to Mustang. Most treks start and end in Kagbeni. The whole area is a Himalayan desert with nuclear settlements in comparatively fertile lands.

If you decide to trek to Mustang, you will get to see rare medieval Buddhist art and culture in addition to the unique terrain.


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