The Nepal office of the World Health Organization (WHO) has publicly appealed for vigilance as the epidemic of COVID-19 persists.

Although the government of Nepal has relaxed the fight, the head of the organization, Dr. Jose Vandellar, said that caution should be exercised as the epidemic of Kovid-19 has not been eradicated. “What we need to remember is that there is still an epidemic, and we can still be infected,” he said. So we have to be a little bit more careful. ‘

He said that with the opening of the lockdown, the offices have come into operation and the number of people visiting each other has increased.

He emphasized the need for individuals to change their lifestyles and ways of working to control infections. He urged people not to go in crowds, to stay away, to wear masks, and to wash their hands with soap and water from time to time.

“One way to control the virus was to lock it down, and the other way is to follow the rules,” said Wanderer of the WHO.


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