Nowadays pranks are famous among the youths as reach to technology rises. There are hundreds of Youtube channel publishing prank videos. Each channel tries to create a unique prank to attract the viewers.

Nepali Pranksters claim themselves as the first prank youtube channel of Nepal. They have been a member of Youtube since 18 November 2013 with 189 videos till date.

Nepali Pranksters Youtube Channel screenshot
Nepali Pranksters Youtube Channel screenshot

3,65,163 people are currently following Nepali Pranksters on Youtube with total views of 49.6 Million. Nepali Pranksters does pranks on current issues, including introduces the new video for the viewers.

Thug life edition prank has also reached to episode 34, which are loved by all viewers. You can watch the thug life pranks of Nepali Pranksters below:

Thug life edition pranks by Nepali Pranksters

Nepali Pranksters pranks are real and loved by all as they always try to get the best reaction.

Bomb prank is also one of the best pranks by Nepali Pranksters with above 2 million views. You can watch the prank below:

Bomb Prank by Nepali Pranksters

You can watch the awesome prank videos of Nepali Pranksters below:

Prank Videos by Nepali Pranksters

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