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Nepali film series are getting popular these days. More and more actors and actresses are favouring movie series.

Successful actor Anmol KC has entered in the film series with “A Mero Hajur 3“. Suhana Thapa also got success from this film. So she is already working for “A Mero Hajur 4”.

Actress Upasana Thakuri worked on Kabaddi series. This made her successful. Similarly, Barsha Raut increased her stardom from the movie series “Jatra.”

Pooja Sharma is banking on the movie “Ma Yesto Geet Gaunchu 2”. This film will be released later this year. The first movie of this series succeeded quite well. Pooja and Pal Shah had worked on this movie before.

Swastima Khadka‘s movie series have been hit. Her movies “Chhakka Panja 2“, “Nahi Nabhannu La” have succeeded in the box office. She is also working on Chapali Height series.


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