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Anmol and Jassita Working Together in Anti Hero!

For Nepali movie lovers, you will soon be able to see Anmol K.C and Jassita Gurung as a pair on screen. Yes, you will...

Anmol KC Signs “Ye Mero Hajur 4” Leaves “Dhupaure”

For those who want to see Anmol KC and Suhana Thapa together in the film series "A Mero Hajur", there is good news. Anmol...

Anmol and Suhana to Star on “Ye Mero Hajur 4”

Kathmandu. Ye Mero Hajur film series is one of the most successful film series in Nepali Cinema. Three "Ye Mero Hajur' films have been...

Nepali Stars Favor Film Series for Stardom

Nepali film series are getting popular these days. More and more actors and actresses are favouring movie series. Successful actor Anmol KC has entered in...

Film Makers Fight To Get Anmol K.C in Their Movies

Anmol K.C is very much in demand. His movies are doing very well in the box office. As you know that the show business...
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