Nepal is broadly divided into three regions. The Himalayan region at the North, next to Tibet, and consists of high snow-capped mountains. The Hilly region, which makes up the most of Nepal, along with valleys consists of mountainous terrain. Finally, there are plains in the south.

According to the location, Nepalis have their own favorites. The food in the mountainous region seems to be influenced by Chinese cuisines while the Indian influence is clear in the food prepared and consumed in Terai.

Image of a plate of momo
Nepal’s favorite snacks

Here are some of the most popular foods in Nepal

  1. Dal, Bhat, Tarkari -The staple diet of Nepalis consisting of lentils, boiled rice, and spicy vegetables.
  2. Momo: A form of dumpling, mostly consisting of buffalo meat inside and steamed
  3. Sel Roti: Vegetarian food prepared from rice flour mostly prepared in Tihar
  4. Roti: A type of wheat bread made by heating a pan called Tawa.
  5. Bara: A type of rice-flour pancake with eggs or meat on the top
  6. Chatamari: Often called Nepali pizza made up of rice-flour crepe.
  7. Chiura: A fluffy food prepared from paddy and eaten as a popular snack.
  8. Yomari: It is also a type of dumpling with sweet molasses inside.
  9. Juju Dhau: The distinct curd prepared mostly in Bhaktapur.
  10. Deedo: A type of wheat or maize pudding prepared mostly in the villages.
Image of Beaten Rice
Any body, feeling hungry?

This is the list for now, if you think more items need to be added, please comment below. I will be looking.


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