August 9, Kathmandu

Redmi AirDots are very affordable, they even take design cues from a number of other products on the market but despite all of that, they are pretty good for the price. Each AirDot bud is actually a lot smaller and bright than you expect. These earphones will connect to your phone simply once within range. Sometimes, you have to check your phone to find out if it actually connected or not. If you are looking for a decent budget headphone, you can’t wrong with the Redmi AirDots.

Redmi Airdots


  • Dimensions: 2.66×1.64×2.16cm
  • Weight: 4.1 gram (Each earbud)
  • Wearing type: In-Ear
  • Connectivity: Wireless (Bluetooth)
  • Music Time: 4 hours
  • Battery capacity(mAh): 40mAh (Each Earbud); 300mAh (Carrying case)
  • Price: $30
Redmi Airdots – The Best Wireless Earbuds

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