There are many dishes listed as specialized in Nepali history. The dishes have their on priority as dishes are specialized in the festival. As there are many famous delicious dishes in the Neplai community and Khasi Masu is one of them.

Khasi ko Masu is one of the awesome recipes with only a few ingredients. It is very easy to make and it tastes very good. Even you may can’t imagine that it looks very delicious that will make your mouth watering. You can make Khasi ko Masu as your own choice.

Delicious Khasi ko Masu
Delicious Khasi ko Masu

You can watch the down video and can make a delicious Khasi ko Masu.

Khasi Ko Masu Recipe

After watching the recipe steps and tips, you will be able to cook ‘Khasi Ko Masu’ at your home. As it is one of the favorite dishes among the non-vegetarian Nepali population.

I hope you guys have enjoyed watching this video. If yes, make a delicious Khasi ko masu at home and serve your family members and enjoy it.


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