These days folk song craze is reviving. Hence popular singer Purna Pariyar has teamed with Sunitami Pariyar and brought to us a folk song titled -“पानको पातमा काट भन्छे दारी” or “my beloved asks me to cut my beard..”. Purna Pariyar has uploaded this music video in his Youtube Channel.

Here is the link

Paanko Patma Katta Bhanche Dari

Here is “Paanko Patma Katta Bhanche Dari” team.

  • Vocal:-Purna Pariyar & Sunitami Pariyar
  • Lyrics:- Yadab Lamsal
  • Music:- Arjun Pokharel
  • Video Director:- Shiva BK
  • Choreographer:- Shiva BK
  • Cinematographer:- Ajay Regmi

We hope them the best of luck with this song.


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