Water purifiers are slowly but surely entering Nepali Kitchens. They are getting more and more popular among urban Nepalis. As most of the water available in Nepal needs purifying, water purifiers are getting more and more common. So, here are the most popular water purifiers in Nepal

Kent Water Purifiers

Kent water purifiers are one of the most popular water purifiers in Nepal. In fact, this company produces more than 4 dozens of models. They produce water purifiers for home as well as for commercial use. Some popular models of Kent Purifiers are Kent Super Plus, Kent Gold, Kent Grand plus. In case you want to know, the cheapest Kent brand is Kent Gold plus, which costs around Rs.5,000.

Kent Water Purifier

Livpure Water Purifiers

You can find Livpure Water purifiers in many Nepali homes. For Nepal, Surya Roshani Industrial Pvt. Ltd based on Putalisadk, Kathmandu distributes Livpure Water Purifiers. These brands of water purifiers are manufactured in India. Hence, it can be easily found in the Nepali market.

Livpure Water Purifier

Baltra Water Purifiers

Most probably you have heard about Baltra products. They produce different types of home appliances. Their product range ranges from Fryers, Toasters, Electric jugs, Roti maker, Cookers to Electric Pan. Popular Baltra Water Purifiers models are Vital, Slimline and Hydra. Since Baltra is a household brand, its water purifiers are dependable as well.

Baltra Water Purifier

Whirlpool Water Purifiers

This list will be incomplete if I do not mention Whirlpool Brand of Water Purifiers. Whirlpool Corporation is actually an American multinational manufacturer of home appliances. This company has a strong presence in India. Perhaps, for this fact, Whirlpool is quite popular in Nepal as well. Whirlpool water purifiers come in various capacities and therefore the prices.

Whirlpool Water Purifier

Aqua Water Purifiers

This is another brand we could not leave. In fact, Aqua is a Polish company. In their website, they claim that Aquafilter Europ’s products are insurance of up to 2 million dollars. Some of the popular Aqua brands in Nepal are Aqua Green Pro, Aqua Grand and Aqua Pearl.

Aqua Water Purifier

We know that this list may not be perfect. if you think we should add other brands, leave a comment below. After all, we do care what you think.

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