Chabi Raj Ojha is a popular Nepali film producer and director. Moreover, he is also known as the ex-husband of popular Nepali actress Rekha Thapa.

During his career, Chabi has directed and produced numerous movies with several hits. The other thing that stands out is that he has been married four times.

Chabiraj Ojha first marriage lasted 8 years and ended up as a divorce in 1992. After that, he met a girl named Geetanjali Sunuwar while working in the movie Nata.

Geetanjali suffered from depression and mental illness, she committed suicide a few years later. Chabiraj Ojha has 2 sons from his first wife and a son from Geetanjali.

After that, he met his third wife a Nepali actress and model Rekha Thapa whom he had given a break from a movie he produced.

Chabiraj Ojha Third Wife

In 2012, Rekha Thapa and Chabiraj Ojha ended their relationship. Lately, in 2016, the news is that Chabiraj Ojha was dating the young actress Shilpa Pokhrel.

Chabi Raj Ojha Fourth Wife

Chabi has married four wives till date. Some of his wives are very young than him. In fact, people are making fun of the age difference between his wives and him. Several YouTubers have pointed out that he romances with the new actress whom he signs in his films and – marries them before the movie reaches the market.

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