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If you know Dhiraj Magar, you cannot forget him. He is that handsome. So, his fans are questioning where exactly is Dhiraj Magar right now. Dhiraj debuted through the movie “Intu Mintu London ma” alongside beautiful actress Samragyee RL Shah. Here is the trailer.

Intu Mintu London ma was a super hit. The film earned Rupees 8 crores.

However, Dhiraj is conspicuously absent. His fans are dying to see him on screen. After “Intu Mintu London Ma”, he has signed for the movie “I am twenty-one” but then again, even the shooting for this film has not started.

Dhiraj Magar has a YouTube channel named ThatDudeVlogs. But, his last vlog was posted one year ago! We checked his Facebook post, and the last time he was active was on October 21, 2019.

However, we did find him active on Instagram. He put the following post on 28th January 2020.

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For the past month and a half, to prepare of my next project, I’ve been living and training along side the potential recruits who have been selected for central selection for the British Army and the Singapore Police Force Intake 20 in Pokhara. Getting a first hand experience into what the boys have to go through just for a handful of spaces is extremely eye opening and inspiring to say the least. Out of 30 thousand applicants every year throughout the whole country, only less than 500 are selected. So, you can just imagine how much blood, sweat and tears they have to shed just to make it all the way through. I’m amazed by each of their determination, will power and the mentality that they have just to be one of the few hundreds. Only the best of the best make it through so it’s no wonder that the Gurkhas are renowned as one of the most fearless and dangerous soldiers in the whole world. I want to wish everyone a very best of luck who are selected for the central selection. Even though some of you guys might not make it, don’t lose hope and come back stronger and with more determination next year!!!! Persevere and succeed!!! 💯 Thank you to all the mamas at Gurkha Fitness and Education Center in Pokhara for letting me have this once in a lifetime experience. 🙏 • Not only that, but I’ve been training separately with THE FITTEST MAN OF NEPAL @robinhoodlife (pic 6) who is just on another level that I’ve never seen before. Unbeaten in Singapore for 15 years straight and multiple record holder on so many occasions. He’s an absolute freak of nature. He’s not the fittest man in Nepal for no reason. He has earned every bit of the title and honestly, I feel so lucky that he took me under his wings and trained me for my upcoming project I AM 21. Thank you for all the knowledge, experiences and the memories you have shared with me. 👊💪💯 P.S – Thank you to the boys from Gurkha Combat (pic 5) for helping me get into my character. 😉 hope to see you boys in the near future with good news!! 🙌 #IAM21

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The post that he put it above is very interesting. Dhiraj’s father is a retired British army. Dhiraj moved to the UK, along with his family, when he was just two years old. He was born in 1995 and his height is 5 feet 10 inch. We know nothing about his relationship status. Most probably, he has a girlfriend, after all, he is too good looking. He graduated from the University of Oxford.

For those who cannot get enough of him. Here is his interview.

Here is his close up picture.

Photo Courtesy Instagram Page Dhiraj Magar

If you know where Dhiraj Magar is doing, please let us know by commenting below.


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