We all love pizza. But, every restaurant cooks pizza in their own different way. So, how to find the best place for pizza? Well, we have listed some of the best places to get pizza in K-town. So, stay until the end.

1. Roadhouse Cafe Thamel

Location: Thamel

Facilities & Services: Italian pizza, cafe, European cuisine, vegan pizza, wood fire pizza, good sandwiches

Price Range: $$ – $$$

2. Pizza King

Location: Thamel

Facilities & Services: Italian pizza, fast food, vegan pizza, best pepperoni pizza, outdoor seats. wheelchair accessible

Price Range: Rs 333 – Rs 445

3. Black Water Restro & Bar

Location: New Baneshowr and New Road

Facilities & Services: Bar, Pizaa, European cuisine, Italian cuisine, Vegan pizza, nice place, terrace

Price Range: Rs 11,114 – Rs 88,909

4. Pepe Pizza

Location: Chakrapath

Facilities & Services: Nice seating, Friendly and helpful staff, delicious pizza, variety of pizza

Price Range: Rs 250 – Rs 1200

5. Pokhreli Pizza

Location: Dhumbarahi

Facilities & Services: Outdoor seating, friendly staff, quick service, delicious pizza, home made pizza sauce

Price Range: Rs 300 – 400


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