Palpa is one of the most beautiful place of Nepal. It is a historical place that is located in Lumbini zone which is known as the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. There is an ancient hill town and the administrative headquarter in Papla district that is Tansen .

Sita Kunda, Pravas Lake and Satyawai Lake are some of the most important lakes of Palpa. Also, there are many rivers in this districts they are Kali Gandaki River, Tinau River, Ridi River, Dovan River and many more. It is a place of great historical with many museums, forts: Kalika Fort, Nuwakot Fort and Bakumgadi Fort and other.

Historical Place Palpa
Historical Place Palpa

The Palpa Tansen is popular for tourist as most of the tourist visit this place. You can also hike to Shreenar hill for the sunrise view also go for day tour hike to Ranimahal. There are many places in Palpa district which are quite amazing and interesting for visitors in terms of scenary and historical importance.

Guys, below is the vlog video of Palpa, you can watch it to know more about it.


In this district, most of the peoples are Magar and Newar. There are also other iethnic groups residing in Palpa and they are Chhetri, Brahmin, Tharu, Gurung, Tamang, Limbu, Bhojpuri and many others.

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