Hair oil has many advantages. It makes your hair look good, prevents dry scalp dandruff, reduces hair fall, makes your hair thicker and stronger. Most of the Indians use hair oil on a regular basis.

People use different types of oils for different purposes. Some popular types of hair oils in India are coconut oil, amla oil, onion oil, lemon oil and hibiscus oil. Based on the market and our knowledge, here are the top seven hair oil brands in India in no particular order.


It is a familiar brand in every household in India. This company produces a great number of products that are mainly related to Ayurvedic medicine. This company produces a range of hair oils that included Dabur Amla, Dabur Almond, Vatika Jasmine and Vatika Brave and Beautiful hair oils.

Dabur Company produces different hair oils.


Sesa is one of the most popular hair oils in India. Near the end of 2018, PE firm True North acquired a controlling stake in this hair maker. Sesa Company claims that they manufacture this oil using 18 herbs and other processed milk.

Sesa Hair Oil

Parachute Advansed:

Parachute Advansed coconut hair oil is another successful hair oil brand. Mario Company manufactures this oil. They claim that their hair oil strengthens hair and makes it look healthy and well-nourished. Their oil consists of oils of ylang-ylang to give a fragrance.

Parachute Advansed coconut hair oil


Dove is another household brand in India. Their products are refined are quite attractive. People all over India trust Dove as a company. The company claims that their hair oil is not greasy like others while providing nourishment to hair and making it look smooth and silky.

Dove Hair Oil


The Himalaya Drug Company also manufactures hair oil and their hair oil is quite popular in India. Their hair oil marketed as Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Hair Oil with Bhringaraja & Amalaki is well received in India.


Sarvodaya Ayurved Aushadhi Bhandar Company, established in 1998, produces several products for household consumption. Their Indulekha brand hair oil is quite popular and comes in different shapes and packages. Each of these oils is manufactured and marketed for specific segments of hair oil users.


Navratna hair oil is a well-known hair oil brand. It is manufactured by Shree International Exports Company. They claim that their oil provides several reliefs to persons using this oil, which includes headache, tension and sleeplessness.

These are the well-known hair oil brands that we have come across. However, if you think that we missed an important well-known brands please let us know using the comment section below.



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