The Underside, a metal band, recently released their new song called ‘Gadhimai’ which raises voice against animal sacrifice in the name of god. This band strongly opposes the religious animal sacrifice, mainly in a Gadhimai festival.

The Underside
The Underside

The Gadhimai festival is a religious sacrificial ceremony that held every 5 years at the Gadhimai Temple in Bara district. More than, 200,000 to 3,00,000 animals are sacrificed in the festival by devotees in the hope of seeking peace and prosperity. Many animal rights activists have resisted against the animal sacrificial ceremony. In this year, Gadhimai is going to be held after 2015.

This ‘Gadhimai’ song is trying to convey a very strong message that it is completely wicked to offer blood to worship and please the goddess “Devi” Gadhimai. It claims that the animal sacrificial ceremony is unethical human behavior. This wrongful action will soon ruin us. Rather than pleasing the Goddess, it will enrage her and leads to the destruction of humans. The strong imagery in videos is trying to convey such type of messages.

Underside – Gadhimai (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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