Lapsi is one of the fruits known as the Nepali Hog Plum. It is mostly found in Nepal in its season only. Lapsi is mainly used to make pickles and sweets. It has a tart flavor and enriches in Vitamin C.

Lapsi Pickle is famous in Nepal and it can be found almost in every Nepalese home. Lapsi Pickle recipe is very simple and easy to prepare. As to prepare this recipe you need only just a few ingredients and you can also make this recipe at home.

Lapsi Pickle
Lapsi Pickle

Lapsi Pickle can be served with side food and it can also be served with dinner. Lapsi Pickle can be preserved for a long period. Even you can’t imagine its taste that it is so yummy and delicious. It tastes sweet and tangy.

Check out the below video to know the recipe of Lapsi Pickle.

Recipe of Lapsi ko Achar

After watching the tips and steps in the above video you will be able to prepare ‘Lapsi Pickle in your own home. Also, you can add your ingredients and can make it more delicious.

Try this recipe once and let us know about it and do share this article with your friends and family.


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