Nepal, a peaceful country, is surrounded by two huge nations, China and India. Nepal is still glorious for its own purposes, despite being such a small country. Outlanders understand only a bit about their intact lands and historical stories. We will reveal some very unusual and really interesting facts about Nepal, which makes Nepal so unique.

1. Irregular Flag
The flag is very different from other countries. It is like two right-handed triangles that look like the Himalayan mountain range, one above the other. These coinciding triangles also represent Hinduism and Buddhism. The flag is full of red color, the national color of the nation and blue that stands for peace. The Sun and Moon complete the flag that refers to Nepalis ‘ strong faith in the Hindu gods.

2. Country of Lakes
If you are up for a visual treat then Nepal is the best place. Nepal has approximately 200 lakes. In this mystical territory, there are mountain lakes and mid-hill lakes such as Phewa lake, Rara lake (longest and biggest in Nepal), Tilicho lake, Dhumba lake and many more.

3. Freeland
Nepal doesn’t celebrate Independence Day because it has never been salved by any other country. Nepal has its own Kindom Dynestry and the country was governed by them.

4. World’s Deepest Dorge. Nepal is the proud guardian of the deepest gorge of the world, the renowned Kali Gandaki gorge. This gorge influences the company tremendously and serves as a trade route between Tibet and Nepal for decades.

5. Sagarmatha (Mt.Everest)
Sagarmatha is the top of the world. It is situated as Sagarmatha district in Eastern Nepal. It is 8848 meters high and 29,029 ft above the sea level. Many tourists travel for climbing and trekking.

6. Birth Place of Lord Buddha
Lumbini is the birthplace of Siddartha Gautam, the lord buddha was born in 623 B.C. It is the holiest place among Buddhist followers. People all around the world come to visit this pilgrim in search of peace.

7. Living Goddess
Nepal is also known to have a living goddess “Kumari”. She is believed that they manifest divine power and are incarnations of Goddess of Taleju. There are several Kumaris throughout Nepal, but Kathmandu’s Royal Kumari is the best known.

8.  A paradise for Nature and Bird Lovers
Nepal is a world in itself. here are over 360 species of Orchid and about 870 species of birds in Nepal. There are different species of endangered, rare animals and some are only found in Nepal. Animals like snow leopard, one-horned rhino, swamp deer, royal tigers, and more.

 9. Adventure Sports
Another amazing fact about Nepal is that it excels as an adventure and extreme sports retreat. Paragliding, bungee jumping, marathons, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, kayaking, and mountaineering can all be done in this beautiful country.

10. The Gurkhas
Gurkhas are considered as one of the fierce and dangerous soldiers in the world belong to Nepal. They have successfully protected the country and their fighting ability has proven to be impressive over the years. Many men are recruited to different countries to serve such as India, Hongkong, UK, and US.

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