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Most Awaited Nepali Festivals: Dashain and Tihar On The Way

Nepal is a religious country rich in culture and traditions. We celebrate a varieties of festivals and occasions which carry their own significance. Our main...

How Is Twinny Girls New Song Sundar Nayan??

'Sundar Nayan' is the nepali song featuring Tik Tok Star twinny girls Prisma Khatiwada and Princy Khatiwada with Sunny Singh in the lead role. In...

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Nepal.

Nepal, a peaceful country, is surrounded by two huge nations, China and India. Nepal is still glorious for its own purposes, despite being such a small country. Outlanders understand only a bit about their intact lands and historical stories. We will reveal some very unusual and really interesting facts about Nepal, which makes Nepal so unique. 1. Irregular Flag The flag is very different from other countries. It is like two right-handed triangles that look like the Himalayan mountain range, one above the other. These coinciding triangles...

Saroj’s complaint – ‘I did not plan photographed’

Kathmandu, July 25 The National film award and the long-distance medal of the award were distributed last Friday at Rashtrapati Bhawan Sital Niwas. The award-winning...

What to eat in Nepal?

If you are visiting Nepal and not try Nepali food, you will be missing a lot. But again, it is quite hard for visitors...
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