Motherhood brings new experiences, challenges and excitement. It also brings lots of responsibility. As you plan for your baby, you need to choose suitable baby diapers as well.

Choosing the best diaper for your little ones can be challenging. So, for your ease, we have come up with a list of five diaper brands that is widely available in Nepal. So, let’s dive in.

1) Himalaya baby diapers

 Himalaya baby diapers
Himalaya baby diapers

This is a popular diaper brand among Nepalis which is manufactured in India. Its double leak guard prevents leakage along the sides. Further, it is comfortable for newborns. This diaper keeps skin dry which means your baby gets an undistributed and restful sleep. 

2) Huggies

Huggies baby diaper
Huggies baby diaper

The brand Huggies is one of the best baby diaper brands. These diapers are quite comfortable. The material used in it is baby-friendly and keeps the baby dry. Its speed dry layer pulls in wetness instantly and keeps baby’s skin dry. 

3) Pampers

Pampers baby diaper
Pampers baby diaper

This brand has gained the trust and confidence of the new parents quite fast. Its magic gel technology locks wetness away for up to 12 hours. It has a flexible waist that adapts to the baby’s movements for a comfortable fit.

4) MamyPoko Pants

MamyPoko Pants diaper
MamyPoko pants diaper

This brand believes in creating a healthy environment for your babies. For this matter, their product keeps skin dry so that the baby gets an undistributed sleep. Moreover, it is easy to fit, gentle on the skin and keeps the child fresh and comfortable.

5) Farlin Cloth Diaper

Farlin cloth diaper
Farlin cloth diaper

This cloth diaper is a leakage-preventing diaper that makes the baby feel comfortable. Farlin Cloth Diaper company is producing and selling top-quality baby care products. The company claims that their product prevents leakage is composed of cotton and nylon, is adjustable, and washable.

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