Dating for the first time with a new person can be annoying. When you go date for the first time with someone you don’t know much about, it may not go as expected. It takes time to fit in with the people and understand them. Moreover, spending time with the opposite sex for the first time is not an easy task.

While going on date, people try their best to make an impression but sometimes things turn messy.

Here we are going to share you some of the funniest dating stories which didn’t go well.

1. This guy wants to move in

A guy takes a girl to date and talks about his ex-girlfriends and remembers how after each break up he had to leave the place they lived. Then, finally, he asks if he could live with the girl.

2. The drunkard guy

A guy takes a girl to dinner where he hasn’t made any reservations, so they don’t get a table to sit. Then, he takes her to a bar where he drinks too much. Later, while returning, the guy asks the girl to get out of the cab two stops before her actual station to watch him pee.

3. The religious guy

On Sunday morning, a guy asks for a girl to spend some time. She thought something beautiful is going to happen. However, she ended up in a church where she had to spent 2 hours in church service.

4. My wife won’t mind

A guy takes a girl for coffee. He tells he is married and it wouldn’t be any problem with her wife to be in relationship with the girl.

5. Wrong compliment for first date

A girl and guy went for a date after knowing each other online. The first thing the guy said to the girl was “You looked prettier in your pictures”. Soon, the girl left the date because she was badly disappointed.

Do you have any embarrassing dating experience? If yes, please share with us.


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