Helmet is a safety device for motorcycles riders. A helmet protects the rider’s head during impact, thus preventing or reducing head injury. This saves the rider’s life. Here are the Top 5 Helmet Brands in Nepal.

Helmets are built with a thin shell on the outside and thick foam inside. It has a strap to keep the helmet in place around the head in all scenarios. Helmets provide additional conveniences, such as ventilation, face shields, ear protection,  etc. In this article, we have collected the Top 5 Helmet Brands in Nepal.

5. Adonis dot


The Steelbird ADONIS full helmet comes with a hi-impact ABS shell material. The ADONIS helmet is hygienic, as it has anti-bacterial interior padding. The exterior is fashionable as well. It comes with a secure micrometric buckle that makes it scratch-resistant. The steel bird ADONIS is the best companion for you and your motorcycle.

4. AGV


This brand makes a range of motorcycle helmets, including sports, touring and off-road models to full-face racing, urban jet helmets, and open-face cruiser designs, using various material types.

These helmets are developed with integrated technology development and construction approaches that the company calls the AGV Extreme Safety protocol.

3. Apex plus

Apex plus

The helmet is highly functional with the whole visor protected with the anti-fog screen. The screen is way bigger than 30 screen in SMK. However, the inside sunscreen visor is a bit small. Another thing which I noted is that the visor in Axor cannot be opened halfway unlike SMK.

Air-ventilation system is incredible, and Axor helmet came with two rear stabilizers (One big for higher speed riding and one small for ordinary commuting).

2. Axor scarecrow

Axor scarecrow

It is also one of the best helmet compared to other helmets. Vega has powered its way to become one of the leading masks manufactures in India, competing with world leading brands. With the motto of safety and fashion, Vega has become a pioneer in promoting helmets as ‘Designer Head Gear.’

1. Strom


The storm is Airoh’s new proposal designed for road use and ideal for all uses, from the city, or a day out. It has a thermoplastic shell coupled with eye-catching graphics.

If you think we need to add other brands in this list you can comment below.

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