A lot of design came from different brands which might be confused to choose, which will be the best and what you like. However, some brands tick most people’s boxes when you consider building quality, durability and aesthetics as well as style. Other factors also come into consideration like technology, materials and space.
One of the most significant considerations is price. Some pieces of luggage can cost thousands of dollars.its beyond the reach of most people, so the list below only includes brands that have ‘affordable’ ranges. Here are the Top 5 suitcase brands in Nepal :

1. American Tourister

American Tourister is a brand of luggage owned by Samsonite.
Although American Tourister is quite popular nowadays, there are still many travelers who are unfamiliar with this brand. American Tourister is such a beautiful luggage brand, which we found an overall place in Nepal.
There are different types of luggage brands from which today’s consumers can select. There are even individual fashion designers who now create luggage as well.

American Touister

2. Samsonite

One of the better-known brands and offer an excellent range of temperately priced luggage in a host of sizes. Established for over 100 years, they have a strong following in both the business and consumer markets. Overall, this is an excellent brand that delivers excellent build quality, functional design and great use of new technology and materials. Their designs are clean and relatively conservative, but they also offer ranges of high-end design with premium pricing to match.


3. Delsey

 One of the reputed brands in the world as well as Nepal has a tremendous international reputation. They have been in the luggage sector for nearly 50 years and specialize in hard case luggage. They operate and position themselves in the mid-market, so the pricing reflects that. However, they are a brand that focused on quality and innovation.

4. Rimowa

It is the brand to be seen with when you want to make a statement. One of the best suitcases in fashionable also. It is highly distinctive and regularly seen in magazines. They are the brand to be photographed. The brand of choice for celebrities and fashionistas. It is famous for their aluminium suitcases which they introduced. First, they are also specialists in polycarbonate materials and lightweight design.


5. Away

One of the newer companies doesn’t let that put you off. They are making big waves producing high-end luggage at economy prices. They are a big deal and getting bigger. Other companies should better watch out.

So, we are talking about integrated USB charging. Integrated approved locks and intelligent storage solutions.


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