Water Dispenser

70% of our total body part is made up of water. During the summer season, the days, as well as the night in sub-continent, rises very hot and humid. In such conditions, you should take good care of yourself, so you have to take proper diet, nutrition and have to keep the body hydrated. 

Due to the development of technology nowadays water dispenser is being popular among Indian people because from water dispenser you can get cold and hot water instantly. And it also contains embedded water purifier which helps to consume Healthy water to their consumer. 

Some water dispenser brand in India. 

. Atlantis Xtra Tabletop

1. Atlantis Xtra Tabletop 

This water dispenser can hold 4-liter water and consumes about 500 watts of power. The main feature of this brand is, it can heat 5-liter water per hour, which is best for any household and office uses. 


Model:- AWD-005 
Capacity: – 4-liter 
Power:- 110 Watts 
Color: – White 
Stars Rating: – 05 
Heating capacity: – 5 liters per Hour

Voltas Pearl Black Water Dispenser

2. Voltas Pearl Black Water Dispenser

Voltas is famous for its kitchen and home appliances, including all high qualities and best feature in it. In this model mainly it comprises of three outlets hot, cold, and average temperature water. And at the bottom of the dispenser, there is a small colling chamber water bottle and beverage.


Model: – Pearl Black 
Power: – 86 Watt 
Color: – Black 
Stars Rating: – 05 
CFC Unit: None

 Usha Instafresh Water Dispenser

3. Usha Instafresh Water Dispenser 

Usha is a widely used brand in India. It comes with chic faucets having an antibacterial cure and also LED indicators to indicate heating, cooling, and power supply option. It also consists of three outlets Hot, Cold, and room temperature. It consists of the 16-liter cooling cabinet for water bottle or beverage.


Model: – HNCCC21V9S
Power: – 90 Watt 
Colour: – White 
Star Rating: – 4.8 

4. Blue star water dispenser

This brand is famous for its all sorts of cooling and refrigeration products which provide excellent quality of cooling functionality along with a massive range of features.  Blue star comprises of three outlets hot, cold and average temperature respectively along with the cooling cabinet.  


Model: – BWD3FMREA 
Power: 120 Watt 
Colour: – White
Stars Rating: – 4.4

5. American Micronic Water Dispenser 

This brand is very high-standard unit and comprises of 3 outlets cold, hot, and room temperature water. It has also embedded facilities of a self-supporting design and flasks of water may be placed under the dispensing outlet. It has a gravity-driven arrangement to give out water in a well-ordered way. It can use for other purposes like coffee, tea, or other usages. It is famous for low power consuming water dispenser.  


Model: – AMI-WCH-ABS31-R

Power: – 100 Watts 

Colour: – White 

Stars Rating: – 4.4 

For the good life use Water Dispenser, Thank you.


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