Baltra Air Cooler


Baltra is an Indian multinational company which is the manufacturer of electric appliances, kitchen appliances, home appliances, and headquartered at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh.
Baltra always concerned about its customer and provide the best quality & real value for money products. BALTRA Home Products comes with One Year Warranty. Baltra is the best brand to provide the best sales and service to its customer. Some popular Baltra model is as follows:

Baltra Air Cooler- (BF162)
Price: Rs. 13,100
Baltra Air Cooler- ICY
Price: Rs. 14,050
Baltra Air Cooler- Lambert
Price: Rs. 13,700


Chaudhary Group (CG) is a multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Nepal. Its businesses include food product, consumer goods, education, hospitality, energy, and alternative medicine. All together this company has all over 136 companies 15 different business branch among five continent. This company assures a quality product and customer satisfaction. some of the model of the Cooler brand of CG.

CG Air Cooler 30 Ltrs CG-A004
Price: – Rs. 9,991
CG Air Cooler 45 Ltrs CG -A001
Price: – 11,800
CG Air Cooler 12 Ltrs CG- AR12E01
Price: – Rs. 10,390

Volta's Air Cooler


Voltas Limited is an Indian company headquartered in Mumbai and founded in 1954. This company focuses on air conditioning, and It is famous for its extra-long durability and high-performance cooling technology. Voltas was ranked as 39th top trusted brand all over India. Some air Cooler Model of Voltas brand is as follows:

Voltas VB-W40M 40L Personal Air Cooler
Price: – Rs. 9,725
Voltas ALFA 20L Personal Air Cooler Price in India
Price: – Rs. 7,999
Voltas VM-T25MH 25L Tower Air Cooler
Price: – Rs. 11,520

4. Videocon

Videocon is an electronics and home appliances manufacturer multinational company headquartered in Mumbai and founded in 1979. It is not only rated as for excellence air conditioner but also rated as best brands in the industry in terms of TVs, Microwave ovens and refrigerators. Some model of the videocon Cooler brand.

Videocon White 50L Air Cooler With Remote Control- T5R
Rs. 13,490
Videocon White 45L Air Cooler with trolley
Rs. 11,500
Videocon White 35L Air Cooler With Remote Control- T3R
Rs. 12,990
Videocon VCT35R 35 Ltrs. Air Cooler with Remote Control
Rs. 12,990


Vego air cooler, a leading brand for evaporative air cooler which focuses on innovative design with its wide range of series. Vego air coolers embedded the innovative 3D cooling technology which comprises full 170 degrees wide range and delivered 2x cooling.
Prise range from Rs. 7,100- Rs. 28,000.

VEGO Air Cooler
Price:- Rs. 14,195
VEGO Air Cooler
Price:- Rs. 26,300

Symphony Air Cooler

6. Symphony

The Symphony Air Cooler comprises of 16-inch powerful fan and energy-efficient castors that has made the brand popular among consumers. And this brand is famous for its long-term durability. Some model of the Symphony Air Cooling is as under:

Symphony Touch 35 Ltrs Air Cooler With Remote Control – White
Rs. 19,464
Symphony Hi Cool i31-Litre Air Cooler With Remote – White with Inbuilt Air Purifier
Rs. 15,704
Symphony Diet 8i 8-Ltrs Air Cooler with Air Purifier (iPure Technology) and Remote– White
Rs. 9,774
Symphony Sumo, Jr. Air Cooler 45 Ltrs
Rs. 17,699

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