In the winter season, the temperature gets very cold and hard to live. Due to this lifestyle of people get harder, to overcome all these programs there are much electronic company distributing the product, Heater. Room heater helps to make room temperature worm in comparison to the surrounding.
Some of the leading brands in the market for heater distribution is as under:

Havells room heater
Havells room heater

1. Havells 

Havells is one of the largest electronic equipment manufacturing company which is headquartered in India and founded in 1958. Havells has a wide range of products of home appliances, kitchen appliances, lamp for household commercial and factory purpose. It is famous for its durabilities and its fast heating technology like non-sagging stitching type and long-life heating element.

Some model of Havells heater brand.

Havells Senzo 5S 25L Storage Water Geyser

Price: Rs. 13,120

Havells Monza EC 5S 10 Litre Storage Water Geyser

Price: Rs. 10,945

Havells Adonia R 25 L Digital Water Geyser With Remote

Price: Rs. 19,520

Havells Monza EC 15 Litres 2 KW Storage Water Geyser

Price: Rs. 12,440

Bajaj Room Heater
Bajaj Room Heater

2. Bajaj

Bajaj is founded by Kamalnayan Bajaj is an Indian consumer electronic equipment manufacturing company headquartered in Mumbai, India and founded on July 14, 1938. This brand is popular for its feature and a large fan attached in it which helps to circulate hot air in a very wide range.

Some popular model of Bajaj heater is as follows:

Bajaj Blow Hot 2000W Fan Room Heater

Price: Rs. 2,760

Bajaj Majesty RH 9 Plus Oil Filled Room Heater

Price: Rs. 15,770 

Bajaj CHX Duo Plus 1000W Room Heater

Price: Rs. 3999

Bajaj 2000 Majesty OFR RH 9F Plus Oil Filled Room Heater

Price: Rs. 11,500

 Morphy Richards Room Heater
Morphy Richards Room Heater

3. Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards is an electrical appliances manufacturer company founded on 8 July 1936 and headquartered in Swinton, South Yorkshire England. This band specialises in the toaster along with hairdryers, bread maker, kettles and heater. the brand is popular for its feature of automatically safety thermal cut off when it gets excess temperature, it supplies to heat up the room without any damage consuming 2000 watts Power. It provides 2 years of warranty.

Some popular model of Morphy Richards is as follows: 

Morphy Richards OFR 09F 9 Fin 2000W Oil Filled Room Heater

Price: Rs. 15,512

Morphy Richards Orbit PTC Room Heater

Price: Rs. 4,536

Morphy Richards OFR11 11 Fin 2500W Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater

Price: Rs. 17,600

Morphy Richards Tipsy 2000W Room Heater

Price: Rs. 6,390

Usha Room Heater
Usha Room Heater

4. Usha

It is everybody choice of all middle-class people in India. It supplies wide range heat in the temperature using three-step of power-consuming 665 watts, 1330 watts and, 2000 watts, as all heater brand is comprised of 2000 watts power supply. So it is famous for its low power consumption, cost-effective and to its durability. It provides one year of warranty in its product.

Some popular model of Usha heater brand.

Usha HC 812T 2000W Room Heater

Price: Rs. 2175

Usha FH3112 PTC 2000W Room Heater

Price: Rs. 3228

Usha FH3620 Fan Heater

Price: Rs. 2160

Usha 3511F 2300W Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater

Price: Rs. 11491

 Eveready Room Heater
Eveready Room Heater

5. Eveready

Eveready is formerly Union Carbide India Limited company of B.M. Khaitan group. The company is founded in 1905, 114 years ago and served area all over India. This company manufacture of batteries, flashlights, lamps, luminaires, heater and packet tea. It comprises of QH 800 power supply. It features functions with its twin quartz tubes which generate heat and warms the room and is designed for small room. The heater is further Function with hardcore plastic with a safety tip-over switch at the bottom of the machine which is used to control excess heat of the device and cut off when needed.

Some popular brand of Eveready heater brand is as follows:

Eveready QH800 Quartz Room Heater

Rs. 1,099

Eveready HC2000 Heat Convector Room Heater

Rs. 2,395

Singer Room Heater
Singer Room Heater

6. Singer 

The singer has been a pioneer in manufacturing and selling of sewing machine for 176. later on, the company is further established in the year 1871, starts a journey as “Indian Sewing Machine Company”. Founded in the year 1990, Kataria Trading Co. is the leading wholesaler and trader of Air Coolers, Electric Water Heaters, Room Heaters, Oil Filled Radiator, Juicer Mixers, Electric Irons, Kitchen Appliances, Personal Care Products and Sewing Machines. The brand comprises of 1200 watts power supply. And feature function with cool body plastic, longer life, sturdiness, top performance and durability.

Some popular Singer Heater brand model is as follows:

Singer HC30T 2000W Room Heater Price in India

Price: Rs. 2,720

Singer Heat Blow SHC-200HWT Room Heater Price in India

Price: Rs. 2,464

Singer Heatglow Plus 800W Quartz Room Heater Price in India

Price: Rs. 1,520



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