The Amazon rainforest is on fire. NASA and NOAA’s satellites have captured the flames from space. The following video shows a satellite showing amazon forest fire.

The Amazon rainforest covers much of northwestern Brazil territory and extends till Colombia, Peru and other South American countries. It is one of the most significant tropical forests in the world.

The heavy smoke from amazon fire has caused a daytime blackout in more than 1700 miles away in Brazil’s largest city, São Paulo.

As in dry seasons, catching fire is normal but this year does not go as expected. This fire leads to massive natural resources loss.

The leading cause of the fire is human; it might be planned or accidental. According to the report, Amazon forest is home of approximately 200 million cattle and occupies one-quarter of the global market for supplying animals.

As Amazon forest is the world largest producer of oxygen, and it is our responsibility to protect it. Let’s think once, are we protecting the natural resources as we have to? Let us know in the comment section below.


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