Every kitchen requires a refrigerator. This is so from a health perspective as well. With a refrigerator, you can put your fruits, vegetables and dairy fresh. And, by storing food in the refrigerator, you will waste less food.

Refrigerators have become cheaper and easier to buy. You can buy them easily in the Nepali market. In fact, you have many brand choices if you are seeking to buy a refrigerator. Here is the list of top 7 refrigerators in Nepal.


Samsung is a world-renowned Korean company. In fact, it is an international conglomerate that has diverse business and manufacturing companies. Among the various things they make, the refrigerator is one of them. Like other products, Samsung refrigerators are reliable. They have various models, suit yourself with your needs and price.


This is an American brand. They claim that their moto is sophisticated but not complicated. Since they have been in the market for more than a century, their products are reliable. Hence, we can find many homes with this brand’s products including refrigerators.

A whirlpool Refrigerator


This brand is also popular in the Nepali refrigerator Market. LG is a Korean Company, Though, this company is not as big as Samsung, it makes competitive products. LG states that their goal is to make products that come with “great values, benefits and personality.”

A LG Refrigerator


This is an Indian brand established in 1958. Godrej produces many appliances, refrigerator is one of them. This Company is doing quite well as it is rewarded with different awards such as National Energy conservation award (India) for its refrigerator and air conditioners.

Godrej Refrigerators among other products they make.


Even though the name of this company seems English, Sharp is a Japanese conglomerate. True to their image, they design their products thoughtfully. In fact, they use cutting edge technology to make sure that their products are superior. It is the same with their refrigerators. Their refrigerator users deodoriser and Plasmacluster technology.

Sharp refrigerator


You can easily find Electrolux refrigerators in the Nepali market. Electrolux,as a company, says that they try hard to improve the everyday life of people. This means they are constantly improvising. However, we have seen reviews saying that their compressor and fans run constantly. So check things up before buying.

Electrolux Refrigerator


You can easily find Haier brand refrigerators in the Nepali market. This company produces many types of home appliances. Their refrigerators are technically advanced. In fact, they are adding different innovations to their refrigerators. Have a look at Haier, when you are in the refrigerator shop. You will not be disappointed.

Haier Refrigerator

This is our list. If you think we missed some brands, please do comment below. We will revise the list. Thank you for reading.


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