So you are thinking of trekking from Nepal to Tibet. The good news is that it is absolutely possible.

You can choose to fly from Kathmandu for about 75 minutes to reach Tibet. But yes, you can choose to trek from Nepal to Tibet.

The world is out there -go find it.

The easiest way to trek to Tibet from Nepal is through Rasuwa district. To get Rasuwa, you can just travel overland from Kathmandu. From Rasuwa, simply walk to the Tibet (China) border.

However, the one thing that you need to pay attention is you must have a travel permit, a tour guide, a private vehicle and a driver.

Image of land in Tibet
Tibet on the north of Himalays

Only a travel agency can aid you in this process. So contact a travel agency in Tibet five or six weeks early, so they will carry out all the required permits. They will also plan your itinerary.


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