It is always a good idea to have travel insurance while trekking in Nepal. If you do not have insurance, your life is in danger. Moreover, there are chances that your health suffers and certainly your bank account.

Personally, I have seen cases of an ankle sprain, and sometimes a broken bone. There are other afflictions such as food poisoning, altitude sickness, hypothermia, skin infections, respiratory infections, and ruptured appendix.

If you get these health problems, high up in the mountains, you probably will not be able to travel back to Kathmandu, where good hospitals are located.

A helicopter rescue alone costs more than USD 5,000.

Sometimes you may need helicopter rescues

While choosing your policy please check the fine print carefully, some insurers exclude “dangerous activities” by which they may even mean trekking and riding a motorbike.

We advise you to choose a policy that pays the hospital directly instead of you having to pay on spot and claim later.


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