In a world where everyone popularizes meat, it is difficult for us, vegetarians to find a good place to eat. Even if we do, it can be unsatisfactory.
However, today, we have listed a number of vegetarian restaurants that deliver the best quality.

So, let’s start.
Note:- The list is based on our personal preference.

Sarangi Vegetarian Restaurant
Located at Shiva Complex, Sarangi Vegan Restaurant has an incredible ambiance and delicious food. This restaurant may be a little expensive. But, it is totally worth it.

Aniyor Veg & Vegan Restaurant
Located at the heart of Thamel, Aniyor Veg & Vegan Restaurant has a friendly group of staff, amazing food, and ambiance. Along with it, the place also provides cooking classes.

Little Italy Kathmandu
Located at Kamaladi road, this little magical place is full of hidden vegan gems. This restaurant may be expensive but offers delicious food and a unique and amazing ambiance.

Fren’s Kitchen
This restaurant has a wide variety of vegetarian items and has a great ambiance. They also have friendly staff and great service.

Loving Heart Vegan Restaurant
A great hub for vegans is this restaurant called Loving Heart Vegan Restaurant. This restaurant is run by a vegan family and they have delicious food at a great price.


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